April 2012

Salima and Lucas report back from the 99% TakeOver of Wells Fargo and invite you to join them on May Day for more people-power in action.

I March For...
Tomorrow,  I will join my team from the Ella Baker Center and thousands of people in the streets for the May Day March for Dignity and Resistance.

Today is the 18th anniversary of the first non-racial democratic elections in South Africa – Freedom Day. It marks the end of government-sanctioned apartheid and the opening up of the right to vote for all citizens of South Africa. No doubt a cause for celebration.

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On April 29th, 1992 I was a 7 year old second grader in Oakland, CA with little understanding of race and identity issues. I was just being introduced to the history lessons of slavery and the plight of Native Americans at a time when all that occupied my mind was the foursquare game during recess and what Oakland A’s game I could figure a way to attend with my buddies.

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This week an initiative to end the death penalty qualified for the California ballot.

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Why I'm Marching on May 1st
When my brother and I were trying to cross the United States border for the first time in 1983, we got caught by the US border patrol. That's part of why I'm marching on May 1st.

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I love Oakland. It is my city-- the city that has helped me grow, explore my passions, flirt with the idea of love, experience life, but most importantly— it has made me feel like I can achieve anything, all the while, showing me that my dreams have no limitations.

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Support the creation of a Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program.

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Gala for the 99%
  “We’re bringing it to these board of directors, we’ll be at your social events, when you’re at your golf clubs, it’s not a nine-to-five issue for us, it won’t be for you.” It was a tale of two Galas at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park last night.

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Solar Mosaic Milestone in Oakland
We just fully funded St. Vincent de Paul's solar project, or "rooftop solar power plant" as our team has begun thinking of them.

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