March 2012

Understanding Cesar Chavez
  Cesar Chavez Day, March 31st, is the birthday celebration of a farm worker, hero, Latino civil rights leader, and labor icon who, with Dolores Huerta, co-founded what is known as the United Farm Workers.  California is the only state to create an official holiday to celebrate Cesar Chavez even though Chavez’s work was felt throughout the nation and continues to be so necessary today. 

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California now spends more money on prisons than we do on our colleges and universities- just one more reason to close the DJJ now!

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Talking about Taxes

"When you’re happy, it shows."
On the eve of our Oakland Running Festival weekend, I wanted to share an interview with Team Caballero. Alicia Caballero-Christenson and her mother Monica Caballero are participating together with Team Ella Baker Center.

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The Devaluation of Black Life
What does the murder of Trayvon Martin say about how our society values young, Black, male lives?

Why I Wear My Black Hoodie
This evening, I’ll finish up a workshop with our Heal the Streets fellows, clean up, and throw on my black hoodie to head out to Bradley Manning Plaza in San Francisco.

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The Eve Ensler Cycle
A new play gives South Asian woman the opportunity to share their stories.

Responding to Silent Cries
Human sex trafficking and prostitution permeate the streets of millions of impoverished cities throughout the world. Stand with the survivors at an upcoming vigil.

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It's 8:30 am. I've just finished packing my lunch, putting on my shoes and doing a final mirror check when I open my front door to find water lapping at my toes! That's right: rippling water, a stray confused looking fish, and a look on my face, like wtf. 

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The dust has settled. Bugs have been ironed out. New photos have been uploaded. Ella Baker Center's brand new website is finally live!