November 2011

Occupy the United States
After taking a look at the ongoing, worldwide "Occupy Wall Street" protests in their first infographic, the folks from the Online MBA Guide dive into data compiled by NYTimes and come up with a more comprehensive look at where the protests have been taking place, how many people have been in attendance, and how many arrests are being made. (click the image for full sized version)

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Voting is Still a Civil Rights Issue

The Arizmendi Bakeries are on our list of Use Your Money businesses. They started out as a single store in Berkeley and have grown to an association of independent cooperatives in Oakland, Emeryville, San Rafael, San Francisco (Mission and the Sunset), as well as Berkeley.

Use Your Money: Liberation Ink
The Ella Baker shirt made in partnership between Liberation Ink and the Ella Baker Center

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Use Your Money- Mandela Foods Co-Op
For your holiday meals and parties, think about Using your Money by spending your grocery dollars at one of Oakland's co-op treasures, the Mandela Foods Co-Op.

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Use Your Money- blackout Oakland
Earlier this week, we learned about an exciting way to Use Your Money in Oakland.

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Hayes on the Far Left looking intense because his love for the 99% is intense.

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Use Your Money
Every day we vote with our wallets. We choose where to shop and what companies we’ll use for services. Making the choice to buy local and support business that value people is a tangible way to fight unemployment and poverty in our cities. Use your money to invest in the community in which you live.

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Youth are “Swagn4Justice”
As a young woman of color, I find it hard to stay focused in Oakland.  Every night while I do my homework, I hear the rattling of gunshots bouncing off the cement sidewalks.  I hear people yelling and crying after getting a call from the hospital, telling them a loved one has died from a gunshot wound. On my way to school last year, I saw a dead body lying in the middle of the street, right in front of an elementary school.

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Do Something. Buy Nothing.
One day in 1997, I took a day off. I went out and bought absolutely nothing.

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