October 2011

General Strike
This Strike art was created by Soul of the City member Ana Lua Fontes.

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Riddle Me This- Los Angeles Event
Nomoredrugwar.jpg Here’s a riddle for you:

I Voted to Strike
On October 25, 2011, I biked from my office at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights to the Oakland Public Library to show my support for Occupy Oakland.

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Stand with Occupy Oakland
Photo by Reginald James/TheBlackHour.com.

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The People Can't Wait
The last 24 hours have been a nightmarish whirlwind in the city of Oakland, and I honestly don't think that it had to be this way.

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Occupy Oakland after the Raid
Early this morning, in the pre-dawn hours, Oakland Police Department -with reinforcements from several other police forces in the region- raided and dismantled the Occupy Oakland protests in front of Oakland City Hall and in Snow Park. Report of rubber bullets and tear gas being used are documented in local media.

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Oakland's Bad Decision
There are 72 encampments across the nation supporting the movement Occupy Wall Street. Here in Oakland, a vibrant city where political activism is often visible, 145 tents were in occupation of Oakland City Hall. Until this morning.

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