September 2011

Ralph’s Arrested Development
Ralph Sklarew being arrested. Credit: tarsandsaction

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No Curfew for Oakland
The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights is opposed to the proposed youth curfew in Oakland. Read why and then find out how to stand with us.

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I am not Troy Davis
At the Ella Baker Center, we focus a lot on solutions. And we try to approach social justice from a lens of hope and optimism.

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Akaya Windwood, President of Rockwood Leadership Institute, is one of our awardees who will be honored on 9/22/11 at the

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This blog is part of our series celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

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Art by Favianna Rodriguez

Oakland: A self-made City

After I leave the gym, I’m a sweaty, hot mess. I get in my car, drive, jump out the car and dive into the nearest shower. A few nights ago, however, I sat in my sweaty hot mess for almost thirty minutes. Why, you ask?

15 Years of Taking on the Hard Stuff
A 2006 Ella Baker Center Solutions Salon

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With Action comes Movement
Last week the University of California regents proposed another 16% tuition increase, over 4 years, in preparation for anticipated state funding cuts. As September comes to a close, I cannot help but reflect on my career as UC student.

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