August 2011

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Crowdfunding the Solar Mosaic
The Ella Baker Center is excited to be partnering with Solar Mosaic to bring community solar to Oakland. To learn more about how this whole crowdfunding thing works, we interviewed Billy Parish one of Solar Mosaic's founders.

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DJJ Hurt My Child
This blog originally appeared as an Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Daily News. Lourdes Duarte of Books Not Bars participates in Close DJJ rally

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Act Today for SB 9
Yee’s S.B. 9 Juvenile Sentencing bill is set to a final floor vote this week – August 29th to September 2.  SB9 would change California's laws around sentencing youth to Life With Out Parole (LWOP). SB 9 gives youth sentenced to life a degree of dignity and a motivation to reform.

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What do you picture when think of a protest against the Vietnam War (or as they call it in Vietnam, the American War)? Rallies in Berkeley? Killings at Kent State? How about 30,000 Chicanos of every age and background marching through East Los Angeles?

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Last weekend, I traveled to the Ventura Youth Prison in Camarillo, CA. There I joined families of incarcerated youth, formerly incarcerated youth, and allies from across the state to decry the abuses of the Division of Juvenile Justice. Their stories reveal a system that is violent, abusive and ineffective at rehabilitating youth. The pain and passion of the family members inspired me to continue to speak out for California youth. See and hear highlights from the rally in Ventura:

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Remembering Not To Forget
I had forgotten their stories.  I had put away in my mind the incarceration of two of my younger siblings when they were teenagers.  My brother was maced into signing his confession, and imprisoned for almost a year.  My baby sister was sent hours away from home to a correctional facility in Arizona.

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Battle of the Bay
For those of us living in the Bay Area today, it is hard to believe; but only a half century ago, San Francisco Bay wasn’t the kind of place you would host a word-class sailing event.

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Oakland Pride. Ella Pride.
Summer 2011 has been and continues to be an eventful time for the Ella Baker Center.