May 2011

RIP Gil Scott-Heron
Gil Scott-Heron was a pioneer of music and poetry who passed away this weekend. His writings and recordings offered sharp critiques and powerful calls to action on social injustice. One of his most well-known pieces, "The Revolution will not be Televised" shared commentary on mass media and people power.

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Crying out for Peace
Earlier this year, a group of 5000 children marched through the streets of Colombia in the city of BarrancaBermeja. The children were protesting violence caused by drug lords killing innocent people. This street rally began with a seven year old boy who had had enough of street crime.

Immigrant Day in Sacramento has the feeling of family reunion combined with a big social justice rally.

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Today is the 7th annual National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. This is an opportunity for all of us to talk about HIV, because we are all at risk.

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Less Money, More Prisons?
On Monday, the Governor released his updated budget for California.  He made some changes, but one thing stayed the same: while services and health care got slashed, prisons got a boost. A $145 million boost. What kind of priorities are those?

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Happy Birthday Malcom X
Today would be the 86th birthday of Malcolm X aka El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, one of the greatest leaders and public intellectuals in American and world history. I’ve always been inspired and fascinated by Malcolm, especially his sharp intelligence and unwillingness to compromise basic principles of dignity and equality.

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Water Writes in Oakland
Not to far from the new digs of the Ella Baker Center is easily one of the biggest and dopest murals in Oakland.

Last night, I went to the Oakland City Council meeting. I was there for the discussion and vote on the use of gang injunctions as a violence prevention strategy in Oakland. Earlier that morning, I had met with staff for my councilperson, Libby Schaaf who represents District 4 where I live.

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