April 2011

I celebrate Earth Day, every day. I don’t own a car—I use Zipcar, AC Transit or my own legs if I need to run errands. I recycle—not only plastic, paper and glass, but my old bras! Instead of throwing them out where they will end up in a landfill somewhere, The Bra Recylcers recycle your used or new bras and donate them to women who are transitioning to self-sufficiency.

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I feel really fortunate to live in Oakland. It's a place that has challenges, but it's also a place that exhibits a remarkable resilience and ability to come together to solve its problems. Like last Saturday, when in honor of Earth Day, I joined about 20 other people to wade around in Arroyo Viejo Creek in East Oakland to clean out the accumulated trash from the rainy season. I love working with other people to make a tangible difference in a particular place.

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How do race, space, and nature interact – and why does it matter? On April 27, scholars will come together at UC Berkeley to  look at how racial constructs are produced via interactions with one’s environment, be that urban, rural, or in between.  In doing so, they’ll be opening up one of the important paths to s

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All the media attention towards the explosions, fires, radiation leakage, and imminent meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant reminds me of a group of Japanese Atom bomb survivors I helped to bring and speak in the U.S. several years ago.

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