April 2011

Tunis, Cairo, Madison?
The workers' movement in Wisconsin is, for youth of my generation, the first time that the collective action of hundreds of thousands within the US has felt like a shift in the direction of history.

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It's Time to Save Our Schools
Several weeks ago, I wrote about the potentially devastating budget cuts and layoffs in Oakland Unified School District.   Since then things have gotten better, but our schools are still not on stable ground.

Resilient Roots

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96 Years of Silence
On April 24th, 1915, 1.5 million Armenians, 60% of the Armenian population at that time, were killed in a strategic genocide operation by the Young Turks, a coalition of various groups interested in reforming the Ottoman Empire, during and after WWI.

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Green: It's Political
Today is Earth Day. The day we're all supposed to make the little changes to the way we live that, in theory, will add up to big changes to the big changes that the world really needs. Something I read in Mother Earth News this week gave me pause.

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5 Ways I'll be Greener Next Year
I have always loved Earth Day.  As a kid, it was a chance to leave class and go do something “real” – plant a tree, clean a creek, or otherwise get my young hands on bits and pieces of the physical world.  As a young adult, it meant community events, giving me a chance to better understand the diverse arr

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