September 2010

just what IS Prop 23?
Well I'll tell you!

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The Threat to our Children
I love to read. I taught myself to read before I had even started Kindergarten. For me, one of the best ways to stay resilient in the face of oppression and activist burnout is to lose myself in a rich narrative. Words have so much power to transform, to uplift, to politicize and to mobilize.

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Time to Sign AB 1405
Earlier this month, we celebrated at the passage of AB 1405- the Community Benefits Funds.

The Color of Prop 23
All of the polling to date tells us that voters of color will be the deciding factor for Proposition 23, the Texas Oil company attack on California’s clean air law.  Communities United Against the Dirty Energy Prop, a deep and broad coalition has come

Six Months into the Health Care Bill
Today marks 6 months since President Obama signed the health care bill into law. Starting now, some important pieces of the legislation go into affect- namely young adults will be able to stay on their parents' plans until they turn 26, and kids with pre-existing health conditions won't be denied coverage.

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The Safest Communities
"We know that the safest communities aren't the ones that have the most cops," said Imani. "The safest communities are the ones that have the highest employment rates, the healthiest foods, the cleanest air. Police are an important part of a public safety strategy, but they're only part of the public safety strategy."

Action to Honor James Byrd's Memory
By Arienna Grody In June 1998, three young white men beat a 49-year-old handicapped Black man, chained him to the back of a pick-up truck, and dragged him to his death. The murder of James Byrd, Jr.

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