August 2009

During this deep economic and ecological crisis, we must protect California's most vulnerable communities.  Nidia Bautista from the Coalition for Clean Air discusses how we can do this through the creation of a Community Benefits Fund.  This fund will be created by AB 1405, one of our Green Jobs Package BillsRead the full article and

The Climate Gap
While most Americans would now agree that climate change is real, a new report by the USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity and UC Berkeley's College of Natural Resources uncovers what researchers call a "climate gap" or hidden pattern revealing that poor people and people of color in the United States suffer more from environmental changes than other whiter and wealthier Americans. Some key findings from the report:

TAGS: recently interviewed Ella Baker Center co-founder Van Jones, who is now President Obama's "green jobs advisor" in the White House. Van gives some of the best answers anyone could give to some of today's toughest questions on green jobs and the economic stimulus. Check it out!