June 2007

On Tuesday July 26, 2007, at 10:00 am, the Public Safety Committee (San Francisco, City Hall, Rm 263) is holding a hearing to discuss the MOU between the SF Police Officer’s Association and the City of San Francisco. Why is this important? Because at a time where Mayor Newsom is cutting services that are desperately needed by countless San Franciscans, he is offering the SFPD a 24.5% raise with amounts to a staggering amount of $ 80,000.00. Does the SFPD truly deserve a raise when the violent crime rate is skyrocketing and the SFPD does not seem poised to do much about it?

Youth Prison Tours: Stark
Over the course of this summer, the staff of Books Not Bars will tour all of California’s youth prisons. The first was a tour of the Heman G. Stark, commonly called simply Stark. Books Not Bars Policy Director Sumayyah Waheed writes of her impressions and experiences in the youth prison. Ms. Mock gave the tour and Books Not Bars organizers Joyce Cook and Lourdes Duarte took the tour with Sumayyah. *****

SB 1019 Passed!
Thanks to everyone’s hard work and support, SB 1019, the bill introduced by Senator Gloria Romero passed the Senate by 21 votes to 10. The ACLU's Sacramento lobbyist regards this as one of their most successful campaigns ever. In its final form, the bill reverses Copley by authorizing open hearings on citizen complaints but does not authorize disclosure of Internal Affair findings or