January 2007

I'd Rather Watch LOST
So much for the "reality" in reality television. CBS's latest attempt to put every last television writer on the dole: Armed and Famous, where would-be celebrities (Jack Osbourne from The Osbournes? Really?) attempt to revive their careers by playing cops and robbers in front of a national audience. Armed and famous? More like absurd and fanciful. Something this creatively bankrupt really should be the death knell of "reality television," but it won't be.

Under surveillance
All of us know about the terrible homicide rate in the Bay Area. We have all touched either directly or indirectly by the devastating outbreak of violence that is occurring in our communities, whether we live in San Francisco, Oakland or elsewhere in the Bay area. But what are our cities doing to combat the violence? Well, San Francisco has an answer. The city will be installing 22 surveillance cameras, to join the 33 already posted, at seven high crime intersections, at the cost of $275,000.